Monday 16 September 2013

Nathan 'StatiC' Anderson eliminated from DreamHack

The MSSA sent out the following communique:

"On Thursday, 12 September 2013 the MSSA  officially handed Protea Colours over to Nathan 'StatiC' Anderson at the Old Edwardian Society in Lower Houghton.

The sponsorship received from MWEB was fully explained to all present. It was noted that if it were not for the sponsorship from MWEB, that Nathan would not have been able to attend DreamHack Bucharest.

It was then explained that with the accreditation of eSports as a full sport in South Africa, the Protea Colours Board is able to award Protea Colours to gamers.

This is the same Protea Colours that are awarded by the Board to South Africa's other sporting stars for sports such as swimming, cricket, rugby etcetera.

After the award ceremony, Nathan was whisked off to the airport where he boarded his flight to Romania.

However Nathan 'StatiC' Anderson, who plays for Veneration eSports  on a club level) found the championship to test his mettle. Among the finest players in the world, Nathan held his ground in some pretty intense games.  'Ret' (from the Netherlands) and 'Niroxs' (from Switzerland) proved to be too strong for Nathan and defeated him. However, Nathan fought back courageously to beat the Romanian player 'Shinersen'.

Unfortunately the win was not enough, and Nathan was eliminated from the group stages.

There is no doubt that Nathan learnt some very valuable lessons at DreamHack Bucharest which was played on the 14th and 15th of September 2013. The lessons learnt by Nathan at this event will no doubt put him in good stead for his forays into future competitions."

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  1. Was an incredible opportunity! Huge thanks to the MSSA and MWEB!