Monday 16 September 2013

Round 5, really, who knew?

So Mr Mannion, you seem to think that you have picked a fight with the MSSA.

Certainly your one headline titled “
Quick MSSA Update–Round 5” seems to imply that you are in a fight.

I wonder if anyone has bothered to tell the MSSA?

The reason I say this is because no matter how hard I have searched the internet, I have not found any scathing or vindictive response by the MSSA.

I too looked at what Mr Mannion calls 'legal action'.

Well I hate to disappoint, but it does not even state the intention to start any litigation.

I see that Mr Mannon also claims to have a whole lot of information. I hope that he knows that since his blog is not a registered newspaper that he cannot provide any protection to his sources.

But, this is why I have advocated for years that Colin Webster should no longer be President of the MSSA.

For years he has pursued a concilliatory approach to people who have opposed the very existence of the MSSA for their own ulterior motives.

Webster has openly stated that he would not use the law to enforce the MSSA's rights as being the sole authority in charge of eSports in South Africa. He has openly stated that he would continue to work to get all gamers to see the 'strength' and 'purpose' of the MSSA and get them to cross the 'divide'.

Well, pigs might fly...

For all of Webster's efforts, those who were entrenched in their beliefs still are.

Nothing is going to change those who can not, will not, and dare not, change.

That is why I, for one is ecstatic that this is the last year of Webster's presidency.

It allows the way for the committee to become more representative. This in turn will unlock more finances from government. A truly representative association will also mean that the MSSA will become more aggressive in terms of pushing a number of development programmes as well as allow the MSSA to build up a war-chest to deal with those who do not see the political realities.

There also need to be several changes to the committee. The current rules that stop any one member from dominating the committee has to go.

Webster has continually fought to make sure that the committee did not form cliques, but it is only through cliques that you can have effective management.

That is why I will become a candidate in December.

There will be real change in December, and I will be there!

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