Friday 9 June 2023

Namibia defeats South Africa in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

The Protea MLBB Esports Team - (from left to right) Adriaan du Plessis, Dewald Greyling, Leonard Loftus, Joost Loftus, Leone Loftus (Captain).

The international match held by IESF between Namibia and South Africa on 7 June 2023 as part of IESF's African Regional Qualifiers in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) esports title proved to be very much a one-sided affair.

Namibia showed the South African team no quarter and took the series 3 - 0 which was reminiscent of the 2022 defeat.

Even though the team fielded by Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA)was stronger and more experienced than the 2023 team, the team crumbled in the face of the Namibian onslaught.

The National Protea EsportsTeam for the Mobile Legends Bang Bang esports title consists of: 

Game titleName of athleteClub
Mobile Legends: Bang, Bang - OpenLeone Loftus (Captain)Masters of Mind Sports
Joost LoftusMasters of Mind Sports
Leonard LoftusMasters of Mind Sports
Adriaan du PlessisMasters of Mind Sports
Dewald GreylingMasters of Mind Sports

Of course MSSA is disappointed by the results, and it is heartbreaking to MSSA President, Colin Webster, to see South Africa not able to send a MLBB team to the 15th IESF World Esports Championships in August this year.

It is also clear that there is much to be done in this title to improve the standard.

Colin Webster, President of MSSA, stated, "All member clubs should pay special attention to the promotion and development of athletes in the MLBB game title. With the game being played on mobiles (cell 'phones) there is probably a greater access to the community which allows a greater number of South Africans to participate in the MLBB game title".

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