Sunday 6 September 2015

Western Cape Provincial Team for FIFA '15 announced

It is generally accepted that the standard of play in EA's title FIFA '15 is of a high standard.

South Africa, through Mind Sports South Africa, has lead many forays into the international competitive scene since 2009. however, none more notable than in this year when in earlier this year, the South African National Team bravely took on Austria.

The South African Team all hails from Mpumulanga, and is also the team that carries the flag for such province.

However, the Western Cape has a team that they hope will defeat the team from Mpumalanga.

The team is headed by Fairmont learner Andrew Reeve, who is the Western Cape Champion. However, the team also draws on the experience of veteran players.

Godfrey Eybers of Ocean View is a dab hand a the game and has many years of experience in such title. His inclusion into the team is thus without question.

Then there is also Logan Brooke-Smith. Logan is the only South African to have won a World Championship title in eSports at the World Cyber Games. Logan brings international experience to the team to make the trio a formidable force.

The match between the Western Cape and Mpumulanga in the MWEB Online Inter-Provincial Test Match series will be most interesting indeed!

The members of the Western Cape Provincial FIFA '15 Team are:

Reeve Andrew Fairmont High FIFA '15
Eybers Godfrey Knights Mind Sports FIFA '15
Brooke-Smith Logan Knights Mind Sports FIFA '15

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