Thursday 8 June 2017

Perseverance trumps all.

Tekken players: Alasdair Donaldson, Mxolisi Lukhele, and Baber Abbas.

Whereas many gamers ‘drop out’ when their personal preference is not selected by IeSF as a title at its annual world championships, there are those true competitors who doggedly continue to support their favourite game titles.

Such is it with those TEKKEN gamers who have held the course,

IeSF selected TEKKEN as a game title for its 2012, 2013, and 2014 world championships, but for a variety of reasons, was not in a position to do so in 2015 and 2016.

Of course there was a little moaning at the bar, but those true competitors never lost the faith and continued to compete in Mind Sports South Africa’s events.

The faith that the gamers had in their title returning to IeSF’s World Championships was vindicated with the announcement that TEKKEN 7 is an official title at IeSF’s 9th World Championships – Busan.

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