Wednesday 14 June 2017

It's all about leaving a legacy.

From time-to-time gamers query why MSSA has taken the association rather the profit-making-company route.

The answer  is simple.

In the profit-making-company route, the entire system is dedicated to making money for the owners. no matter what anybody claims, the people who really win in such  a system are the owners. Whether it is through increased marketing for their other products or whether by increased profit on a personal level.

Thus private ventures of this type are not, in my opinion, interested in doing development - as it just does not pay.

Thus, enter the association.

The association  is more concerned  with the athlete and  the rights of the athlete.

By expending monies and resources on building up systems from a grass-root level, structures are put into  place that are not only sustainable, but can  also weather the storm in the event of a dismally performing economy.

Only the associations are prepared to  play the long-game and to  invest in areas which otherwise are quite unprofitable.

However, it is those unprofitable ventures that may result in bigger dividends in the future. Who would have thought that MSSA's Mpumulanga Championships would turn into the second largest LAN Championship in the country, only to be eclipsed by MSSA's Gauteng LAN Championships.

Not only is the association the only type of structure willing to embrace development and transformation, but through  the work of the association a legacy is left behind.

Through the years of effort and toil of countless volunteers, athletes have been afforded the opportunity of obtaining an education, of developing their skills, and of claiming a piece of immortality through always being  remembered.

Now that MSSA too has its channel on Tuluntulu, even more doors are being opened for members and the athletes affiliated to such.

The legacy being created by MSSA is unsurpassed and will continue for many decades to come.

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