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All Senior Protea Colours awards for esports from 2005 to 2019.

The 2019 Protea Esports Team that participated in IESF's 11th World Championships. The team was sponsored by EnerGhack, PartnerMedia, NWU, and ZAG Academy.
With Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) hurtling down the Road to Eilat to participate in IESF's 12th World Championships, it is interesting to see just how many esports athletes have benefited from the award of Protea Colours in the past.

From 2005 to 2019 there have been 140 awards of Protea Colours for Esports.

The award of Protea Colours is a life-changing event for athletes, and the recipient of such is able to carry such  award with them for the rest off their lives. The benefits of receiving Protea Colours are immense and may affect every aspect of the recipients life.

While many see the award of Protea Colours as an end in itself, many see the award of Protea Colours as the ticket to international participation in the accredited sporting arena.

Over the years, a total of 32 clubs have produced members of the Protea Team. However, it should be noted that MSSA has had some teams that have represented South Africa for which Protea Colours were not awarded as  the strict criteria governing such  award could not be adhered to. In such cases, MSSA itself awarded National Federation Colours to such teams. Such athletes' names are enshrined in the roll of honour which contains all the names of those who have earned such National Federation Colours.

Of the 140 awards of Protea Colours for esports, 99 of such awards come from just 10 teams. Knights Mind Sports Club takes the lion's share with having earned a massive 33 awards. Next is 
ZAG Academy with 13 awards, which is followed by VexxedPhoenix on 10 such awards.

Other teams like White Rabbit, Veneration, Energy eSports, Wits University, and Good Gaming are also represented.

Only athletes who are affiliated to a club affiliated to MSSA may be considered for selection. It should also be noted that only athletes who have a valid South African passport may be considered for the award of Protea Colours.

The list of the top ten clubs is:

Name of Club#
1Knights Mind Sports Club33
2ZAG Academy13
3VexxedPhoenix (VxP)10
4Bravado Gaming (Bvd)9
6Tuks Mindsports8
8KZN Gaming5
9All Stars4
10St John's College4

The full list of all South Africans who have received Senior Protea Colours are:

 DateName of playerPeriodClub/Team

Frederik BeyerDotA 2ZAG Academy
Dr Janine BrandTechnicalValhalla
Barry BridgesTechnical - WellnessZAG Academy
Nathan De BeerDotA 2ZAG Academy
Wessels FourieDotA 2ZAG Academy
Blake GovenderPES 2020Oakhill School
William HouyDotA 2ZAG Academy
Devlyn KempenDotA 2ZAG Academy
Amanda KwazaChef de missionKnights Mind Sports Club
Charlize Seremak (Captain)Tekken 7Sasolburg High School
Johan van BredaManagerZAG Academy

Ryan BoyesManagerVexxedPhoenix
Donovan De Klerk (Captain)League of LegendsGood Gaming
Alasdair DonaldsonTekken 7VexxedPhoenix
Adele Janse van RensburgManagerGeneration X
Alora Ann LiebenbergCounter-Strike: GOZAG Academy
Khahliso MalapeFIFA '18Fakkel School of Skills
Amanda PakadeChef de missionKnights Mind Sports Club
Stephen PretoriusLeague of LegendsGood Gaming
Maalik RawootLeague of LegendsWhite Rabbit
Nicole RootmanCounter-Strike: GOZAG Academy
Charlize SeremakTekken 7HTS Sasolburg
Lelane SoldinCounter-Strike: GOZAG Academy
Kyle TaylorLeague of LegendsWhite Rabbit
Johan van BredaManagerZAG Academy
Marisa van der Westhuizen (Captain)Counter-Strike: GOZAG Academy
Leander van SchalkwykCounter-Strike: GOTaccor Gaming
Brett WhiteheadLeague of LegendsWhite Rabbit

Simone Beck (Team Vice-Captain)League of LegendsValhalla
Amone BekkerLeague of LegendsIntensity Esports
Ryan BoyesManagerVexxedPhoenix
Connor “Kiddo” Cryans:League of LegendsVexxedPhoenix
Alasdair DonaldsonTekken 7Knights Mind Sports Club
Brandon Fester (Team Captain)League of LegendsVexxedPhoenix
James HulettCounter-Strike: GOVexxedPhoenix
Leana JacksonLeague of LegendsValhalla
Rojuan KubaCounter-Strike: GOZAG Academy
Angelique RamosLeague of LegendsValhalla
Esmari Swart (Vice Captain)Counter-Strike: GOIntensity Esports
Kyle TaylorLeague of LegendsVexxedPhoenix
Jade ThomasLeague of LegendsValhalla
Leander Van SchalkwykCounter-Strike: GOVexxedPhoenix
Ryan van Schalkwyk (Team Captain)Counter-Strike: GOIntensity Esports
Marisa van der WesthuizenCounter-Strike: GOIntensity Esports
Gregory WesselsLeague of LegendsVexxedPhoenix
Brett WhiteheadLeague of LegendsVexxedPhoenix

Jason BatzofinManagerSt John’s College
Joline BicoFIFA ‘16HTS Witbank
Lyle JeacocksCounterStrike: GOAnteria
Jessie Joubert (Team Captain)CounterStrike: GORondebosch Boys
Dillon JustusCounterStrike: GODF Malan
Maryke KennardLeague of LegendsTuks University
Francois MoutonHearthStoneTuks University
Taylor RoseLeague of LegendsKnights Mind Sports
Matthew Smith (Team captain)League of LegendsKnights Mind Sports
Leandré SparksCounterStrike: GOAnteria
Kyle Turnbull (Team Captain)FIFA ‘16HTS Witbank
Johan UysLeague of LegendsTuks University
Johan van BredaLeague of LegendsTuks University
Simon ZandstraCounterStrike: GORondebosch Boys
Bonge ZwaneFIFA ‘16HTS Witbank

Anderson, NathanStarCraft IIKnights Mind Sports
Batzofin, JasonCounterStrike: GOSt John's College
Boucher, MichaelCounterStrike: GOBerZerK
Boyes, RyanManagerBNKR Gaming
Brown, ThomasCounterStrike: GOAll Stars
Heymans, Johan (Team Captain)CounterStrike: GOBerZerK
Kennard, Maryke (Team Captain)League of LegendsTuks Mindsports
Krugel, WilmarCounterStrike: GOBerZerK
Meiring, WynandHearthStone PlayerBerZerK Gaming
Nortjé, ThyléCounterStrike: GOAll Stars
Smale, DuncanCounterStrike: GOSt John's College
Rose, TaylorLeague of LegendsKnights Mind Sports
Smith, MatthewLeague of LegendsKnights Mind Sports
Stringer, VasudevLeague of LegendsTuks Mindsports
Tilley, CameronLeague of LegendsTuks Mindsports
Uys, JohanCoachTuks Mindsports
van Wamelen, BastionCounterStrike: GOSt John's College
Venter, CornelCounterStrike: GOBerZerK

Nathan AndersonStarCraft IIVeneration
Jason BredbergDotA 2Knights Mind Sports
Morizane BoyesTekken Tag Tournament IIBNKR Gaming
Ryan BoyesManagerBNKR Gaming
Dylan HendersonDotA 2Knights Mind Sports
Saleem ManjooDotA 2Knights Mind Sports
Ion Todd (Team Captain)DotA 2Knights Mind Sports
Timothy van Reenan MostertDotA 2Knights Mind Sports
Barry WestHearthStoneTuks Mindsports
Yolandi WilliamsStarCraft IISnaz Gaming

Nathan AndersonStarCraft IIVeneration
Robert BothaStarCraft IIPolarFluke
Marco BothaLeague of LegendsKnights Mind Sports
Myburg BrinkLeague of LegendsKnights Mind Sports
Anthony Hodgson (Team Captain)DotA 2Bravado Gaming
Lyrene Kühn (Team Captain)Tekken Tag Tournament IIKnights Mind Sports
Mohamed Wasim LorgatDotA 2Energy eSports
Dylan ProbynDotA 2Bravado Gaming
Justin ProbynDotA 2Bravado Gaming
Kyle RhoodieLeague of LegendsKnights Mind Sports
Willem StrȍfeldtLeague of LegendsKnights Mind Sports
Conradie van HeerdenLeague of LegendsKnights Mind Sports
Yolandi WilliamsStarCraft IIVeneration
Wesley RoseDotA 2Bravado Gaming

Robert BothaStarCraft IIPolarFluke
Gabriella IsaacsStarCraft IISAHETI
Lyrene KühnTekken Tag Tournament IIKnights Mind Sports
Vittorio PuissaTekken Tag Tournament IIHS Dojo

Robert BothaStarCraft IIPolarFluke
Olivia BurtonTextingKnights Mind Sports Club
Ginny DalyManagerKnights Mind Sports
Jaco EngelbrechtCart RiderKnights Mind Sports
Wilbur HoughTextingKnights Mind Sports Club
Ian PillayFIFAUniversity of Witwatersrand
Jason van BelkumStarCraft IIKnights Mind Sports

Rolando de AlveiroFIFAKnights Mind Sports Club
Magiel de LangeWarCraft IIIKnights Mind Sports Club
Kevin DoranGuitar HeroKnights Mind Sports Club
Abubakar EbrahiemFIFAKnights Mind Sports Club
Daniel GrundlinghCall of Duty 4KZN Gaming
Michelle MarderManager - Guitar HeroKnights Mind Sports Club
Nialle MomsenCall of Duty 4KZN Gaming
Peter MyburghCall of Duty 4KZN Gaming
Matthew PutterWarCraft IIIFraglan
Jo-Ash RajcoomerCall of Duty 4KZN Gaming
Steven SzucsCall of Duty 4KZN Gaming

Marc BowesDotABravado
Ruben de FreitasFIFAKnights Mind Sports Club
Matthew HirstDotABravado
Xola MagwazaFIFAKnights Mind Sports Club
Kgothatso MoeraneTextingTuks Mindsports
Goddy RoodtDotAClubXploit
Richard SjobergDotABravado
Heinz StaschenDotABravado
Christopher Van RielDotABravado
Natalie WitoslawskiTextingTuks Mindsports

Logan Brooke-SmithMobileExactmobile
Werner de LangeMobileExactmobile
Wayne KrugerManagerExactmobile
Ethan ReubenMobileExactmobile
Christo Janse van VuurenMobileExactmobile

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