Thursday 13 August 2020

To become an international gamer.


The 2013 Protea Esports Team - South Africa's most successful esports team to date.
The team consisted of (back row) Marco Botha, Lyrene Kühn (Team Captain), Yolandi Williams, Myburg Brink
(front row) Willem Strȍfeldt, Conradie van Heerden, Kyle Rhoodie
Mind Sport South Africa (MSSA) gives gamers from South Africa the opportunity to expand the world of esport. The MSSA operates at every level of esports - from grass-root level all the way through to selecting national teams to officially represent South Africa in international events. 

Over the last number years, gaming in South Africa has increased tremendously in terms of both quality and quantity of players. 

The MSSA has sent international teams to represent South Africa at IESF's World Championships every year since 2009.

To become an expert gamer, there are a few steps to follow:
  1. You need to choose a game that you enjoy and that is played at international competition.
  2. If it is a team game, you will need to find a committed club that has teams that are as committed as what you are.
  3. You/your team will need to practice 1000’s of hours to refine your skill and to achieve perfect synergy with your team.
  4. The best way to practice is to hire a coach who has the credentials to take you further.
  5. You/your team will need to take participate in as many events as possible. You need to be objective about your results. Log your results into  a log book, analyse your games, and analyse the games of other teams.
  6. Remember there is always a better way of doing something.  Never say 'no' to constructive criticism and always compare yourself to the best.
  7. Never stop training. Remember that while you are sleeping, there is someone out there training.
  8. Never be discouraged by defeats. Instead learn from your defeats and re-evaluate your game plan.
  9. Participate in MSSA events to qualify for the National Team Trials (NTT). It is from the participants at such NTT that the official South African Protea Esports Team is selected.
  10. Once a member of the official South African Protea Esports Team you have earned your entry ticket to true international competition. 
Good luck and have fun.

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