Friday 31 July 2020

South Africa submits its entry to IESF's 2020 World Championships

MSSA's Protea DotA 2 team hard at work at IESF's 2019 World Championships - Seoul.
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is the only national federation for esports in the world that has sent a full team, consisting of players for all titles offered in all categories, to International Esports Federation's annual world championships since such the inception of such world championships by IESF in 2009.

As such the team has traveled both far and near. The team has ventured onto the shores of South Korea, Romania, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, and the Republic of China in a bold bid to represent South Africa in the fast-growing sport of esports.

South Africa's intrepid few, Team Esports South Africa, have always held their heads high when competing, and have always earned the friendship, camaraderie, and respect of their fellow competitors.

Thus it is with great pleasure that MSSA has again submitted its entry to IESF for every single title
The logo for IESF's 12th World Championships.
being held.

The titles entered by MSSA are:

  • DotA 2.
  • Pro Evolution Soccer, and
  • Tekken 7.
The entry has been accepted, and now all  that is needed is for MSSA to select the team that will officially represent South Africa as the Protea Esports Team.

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