Friday 26 June 2020

Redhill High School holds onto its lead.

Team LBSA (Oakhill School) from Knysna are now the South African School Champions for the Counter-Strike: GO esports title.
With the results of Mind Sports South Africa's (MSSA) South African High School Online National Championships having been published, the rankings have too now been updated for the Counter-Strike: GO esports title.

In such 
South African High School Online National Championships, Team LBSA (Oakhill School) -previously known as Team X - triumphantly won the championship, and in doing so, earned themselves High School National Federation Colours.

However, even though 
Team LBSA (Oakhill School) won the championship, Team HBS (Redhill High School) has managed to hold on to their pole position in the rankings. The members of Team HBS (Redhill High School) has already won the Online Inter-School Provincial Championships in February, the 11th Provincial Online Championships in April, and the GAUTENG Online Championships in May to earn themselves Gauteng High School Provincial Colours and Senior Gauteng Provincuial Colours. It is therefore expected that the competition will intensify between these two teams in the coming months, and certainly in the NWU MSSA Online School League which will start in July and run for five months.

The full South african rankings for the Counter-Strike: GO esports title are:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
1HBS20Redhill High School327.1
2Team X20Oakhill School318
3GUANTAP20Hoërskool Randburg237.4
4Redhill CS:GO20Redhill High School207.3
5Eclipse CS:GO19Eclipse Esport140
6PRG V19PRG140
7ZAG CS:GO19ZAG Academy140
8HackStack19Paul Roos Gimnasium140
9Oasis19Edenvale High140
10FF Gaming19Hoërskool Randburg140
11RISINSons19Helpmekaar Kollege140
12RKTF19Royal Knights140
14TcR CS:GO18Taccor Gaming140
15Genx Carpe Noctem18Generation X140
16Choke 918Empangeni High School140
17The Pretenders18eThekwini Regional140
18Limbro's A18Fragcon140
19GHS CS:GO 1sts18Grey High School140
20Deity18Paul Roos Gimnasium140
21PreZtige18eThekwini Regional140
22Abstract18Paul Roos Gimnasium140
23Team Sidious18Team Sidious140
24ZAG Fearless18ZAG140
25RKTF19Royal Knights140
26Cyrex18Vereeniging Gimnasium140
27Monty Pythons19Fairmont High School140
28Curro CS:GO19Curro Aurora140
29PRONHS20Northcliff High128
30District_Zero18Protea Heights Academy125.1
31Cyrex18Vereeniging Gimnasium122.6
32NHS19Northcliff High School122.5
33Monnas ‘A’18Monument High School120.5
34Orion18eThekwini Regional112.5
35Voltaic18Paul Roos Gimnasium111.3
36SHS00219Sasolburg High School106.9
37CS GO: Outcast20Protea Heights Academy100
38Team FiB19Monument Park High School100
39GOTU18Hoerskool General Hertzog100
40Knights18Northwood High100
41Hyde Park19Hyde Park High99.4
42Normies CS B19NHHS90.3
44G3NTS18Northcliff High82.8
45Heron Bridge College20Heron Bridge81.5
46Boneles18Northwood High School75
47Monnas ‘B’18Monument High School75
48Team Palace18Knights Mind Sports Club75
49Team Sidious19Team Sidious75
50Normies CS A19NHHS71.3
51Bishop's CS:GO19Bishop's67.8
52Limbro's B18Fragcon63.2
53No Scopes18eThekwini Regional56.3

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