Tuesday 16 June 2020

MSSA applauds collaboration between International Esports Federation and International Schools Sports Federation.

IESF and ISF have signed a MOU to cement esports at school level.
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) being the oldest National Federation for esports in the world (having been founded in 1985) is also the first esports national federation to actively promote esports as a sport at school level. 

MSSA's first official online esports league for scholars was held in 2010 thanks to the input and support of ASUS, and since then has continued to grow in popularity.

MSSA too runs championships for scholars, and since the 1990's has held 
scholar divisions at all Premier Provincial and National Championships.

MSSA has th
us always advocated that IESF become more involved at school level.

Thus, MSSA is delighted that 
International Esports Federation (IESF) and International School Sports Federation (ISF) have embarked on a landmark agreement by signing a memorandum of understanding between both parties.

MSSA President, Amanda Pakade, has stated, "The MOU signed by IESF and ISF is a clear

MSSA President, Amanda Pakade
indication that MSSA is on the correct path. The MOU too shows that esports is well and truly, through IESF, being more-and-more accepted as a fully accredited sport".

The MOU between IESF and ISF should encourage all schools in South Africa to become active participants in esports.

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