Tuesday 24 December 2019

Esports titles selected for all MSSA's School Championships.

Blake Govender (Oakhill School) represented South Africa with pride in the PES 2020 esports title at IESF's 11th World Championships. The team was sponsored by EnerGHack, NWU, Partnermedia, and ZAG Academy.
The gowth of esports starts at school level. Schools are the breeding ground where champions are fashioned by schools that have the interest of learners at heart.

Thus it is not surprising to see that the entire Protea Esports Team that participated in International Esports Federation's 11th World Championships in Seoul in 2019 were learners in 2019.

While it was unusual for the entire 2019 Protea team to consist of learners, such team selection underpins Mind Sports South Africa's faith in promoting learners into the upper eschelons and giving as many players as possible the chance to excel at the highest levels.

2019 saw North West University (NWU) take a very active interest in esports due to the fact that only MSSA's school championships and leagues are official in nature in which players are able to earn provincial colours and has any form of official recognition.

MSSA's school championships and leagues too run strictly in adherence to the laws in South Africa and take into account the physical and mental health of the participants.

Thus all games are played under acceptable supervision to prohibit unsavoury practices.

MSSA is thus totally committed to ensure the validity of the event, the results attained, and the colours awarded.

The esports titles to be played in all 
MSSA's school championships and leagues are as follows:

Period/genre Title Platform Age restriction Players
Shooter CS GO PC, 16 5 v 5
Paladins PC/console 12 5 v 5
Sport FIFA ‘20 PC 3 1 v 1
PES 2020 PS 4 3 1 v 1
MOBA Dota 2 PC 12 5 v 5
League of Legends PC 12 5 v 5
Clash Royale Mobile 12 1 v 1
VainGlory Tablet/cell 12 3 v 3
Fighting Street Fighter V Console 12 1 v 1
Card HearthStone Mobile 7 1 v 1

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