Saturday 21 December 2019

South Africa's Jason Batzofin is re-elected as Chairperson of IESF's Players' Commission

Jason Batzofin presenting on the achievements of the Players' Commission from 2016 to 2019.
International Esports Federation (IESF) established its Players' Commission in 2016.

IESF, as the worlds’ oldest and largest non-profit world organisation for esports, established such commission to represent the views of the esports athletes. Only by players representing themselves can IESF fully protect the player at every level. 

Thus IESF’s Players’ Commission has no role during the Games. It also has no role in any nomination and selection disputes or any anti-doping or other disciplinary hearings or tribunals involving athletes. 

In 2019, the term of office of the inaugural Players’ Commission came to an end, and at IESF’s 2019 World Championships, a new commission was elected.

Those elected were: 
  • Jason Batzofin (South Africa), 
  • Koen Schobbers (Netherlands), and 
  • Freddy Mazila (Namibia). 
At the first meeting of the commission, the three elected members decided to elect the chairperson. The commission unanimously agreed to elect Jason as Chairperson. 

IESF President, Coin Webster, stated, “IESF is proud of the contribution made by the members of the inaugural commission. All members worked well during their term of office and have created a culture within the commission that will ensure that all esports athletes are protected.” 

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