Friday 20 December 2019


Vlad Marinescu is IESF’s dynamic Vice-President.
Vlad Marinescu was co-opted onto IESF’s Board in early 2019 due to the sudden resignation of Silviu Stroie.

Vlad made such a mark through his dynamic approach to problem-solving and pure dedication to the tasks at hand that IESF’s OGM overwhelmingly voted him onto the Board for a full term.

With an impressive pedigree in both sports, and esports administration, Vlad Marinescu brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the oldest and largest esports organization in the world. 

Even though IESF was founded in 2008, there is much that IESF can learn from Vlad who served in a number of positions in the International Judo Federation, General Director of SportAccord (now GAISF), and is currently the President of the United Esports Federation.

Vlad Marinescu said “I am honoured to be entrusted by the IESF board with the appointment to the Vice President position. I wholeheartedly believe that strong collaboration and exchange needs to exist between traditional sport and Esports to ensure sharing of values, practices and experience with the scope of educating the youth for a better tomorrow.”

As Vice-President, Vlad Marinescu has the following portfolios:
  • World Championships,
  • Ex-officio on LOC’s for IESF events, and
  • To act in the President’s stead should the President be absent.

IESF President, Colin Webster is grateful that the will of the membership, as expressed at the Ordinary General Meeting, had chosen wisely, and that through Vlad’s competencies IESF shall continue to achieve its ambitions.

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