Tuesday 17 December 2019


IESF President, Colin Webster (of South Africa) at the opening of IESF's World Championships.
International Esports Federation (IESF), the world’s esports governing body, has just elected its new Board on 13 December 2019 at its General Meeting for the period 2019 to 2022. 
Established in 2008 as a non-profit organization with over 56 national federations, IESF is already the largest representative esports organization in the world. 
The Board members reflect the global footprint of IESF with its elected officers boasting a wealth of experience from four different continents (America, Europe, Asia, Africa). The new Board having global representation allows greater reach than ever before. 
The full list of elected Board members are as follows: 
  • President Colin Webster (South Africa) 
  • Vice President Vlad Marinescu (USA) 
  • His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifah Al-Nahayan (U.A.E) 
  • Young Man Kim (South Korea) 
  • Ido Brosh (Israel) 
  • Boban Totovski (Macedonia) 

There is no doubt that the new Board enjoys the support of all its members and has already initiated dynamic new approaches to the delivery of esports to the community. 
“This year’s board are full of leaders in their own right with a proven track record. His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifah Al-Nahayan, Young Man Kim and Vlad Marinescu have in sports and specifically esports administration,” said IESF President, Colin Webster. 
“We are extremely grateful to have His Highness Sheikh Sultan, who is already into his fifth term as a President of an Asian Sports federation. Vlad, former Director General of GAISF (formerly known as SportAccord) and the father of esports, Mr. Young Man Kim provides both wisdom and insight that adds immeasurable value.” 
IESF through the elections is demonstrating that it is the only body to truly represent the entire esports community (athletes, organizations, and publishers) through its democratic structures. 


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