Monday 22 June 2020

Mind Sports South Africa expands into Simunye.

Enthusiastic volunteers in Simunye.
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), founded in 1985,  being enthusiastic about empowering all South Africans believes in nurturing local esport talent and developing potential players.

With the acceptance of OKI Gaming into MSSA's family, MSSA is of the opinion that it has found a soul-mate.

OKI Gaming, a Non Profit Company (NPC), promotes and supports esport (electronic sport) in local

Under the astute leadership of the three directors, Nkululeko Mthembi, Simnikwe Nyaloko, and Reynold Samson, MSSA is convinced that OKI Gaming will be successful in all its endeavours.

Excited children enjoy the joys of esports.
townships. By providing training, guidance and development of players (competitive and casual gamers) OKI Gaming believes that they can get their players involved in the esport scene and gaming community. By participating in the official esports scene, OKI Gaming is of the opinion that their players will have the opportunity to reach for the stars and possibly end up as professional players or as having careers in the video game/ esport industry.

Thus it is with great pleasure that Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) welcomes OKI Gaming into membership.
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