Monday 10 August 2020

IESF's 12th Esports World Championship - Eilat now set to December 6th - 12th, 2020.

COVID-19 has affected every aspect of our existence. 

Even esports has felt the brunt of the pandemic with face-to-face events having to be cancelled and/or delayed in favour of online events. 

Even International Esports Federation (IESF) has had to take these new realities into account with its 12th World Championships. 

Cautiously, but correctly, IESF has opted to run its 12th World Championships very differently this year. 

Regional qualifiers shall be done online with the finals being done as a 'real' event in Eilat on December 6th - 12th, 2020. 

 Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is the only national federation to have participated in each and every IESF World Championships in every title offered since 2009, and the only national federation that has had female team members in all MSSA teams, since 2012, that have attended, and participated in such IESF World Championships. 

However, it should be noted that no-one if yet fully aware of what lies in store in terms of COVID-19, and as such, dates may be amended to meet the demands of changing circumstances. 

 As soon as the Regional tournament dates are announced, MSSA shall advise all members accordingly.

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