Saturday 2 February 2019

Redhill High School affiliates to Mind Sports South Africa.

Redhill High School is ahead of the game.
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has long promoted that the growth of esports starts at school level.

Schools are the perfect nurturing ground to develop the type esports athlete that will do South Africa proud in international competition.

It is at school that the esports athlete is best able to learn the balance required between mental and physical sports in order to achieve exemplary results.

Schools too are also able to instil the necessary camaraderie, discipline, ethics, and dedication required for the highest levels of performance while preparing the athlete for life outside of esports as well.
Thus MSSA welcomes Redhill High School into membership.

Redhill School has enjoyed tremendous success as a beacon of academic excellence. This success has not materialised by accident. It has been through hard work, dedication and the partnerships that have flourished among the staff, parents and the most important stakeholders in the equation - the students. 

Redhill School's philosophy is simply that students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning so that they can become masterful learners: Self-directed, creative critical thinkers, capable of planning, design and collaboration. Redhill School's purpose is simple: To ensure that students are taught the skills and talents they’ll need to prosper in the world of the future.

Redhill School is thus ahead of the game in all respects.

Mind Sports South Africa thus welcomes the school into affiliation, and is sure that the mutual partnership will benefit both.

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