Thursday 14 November 2019

Learners get the best of both worlds.

Educator, Diana Barnard of Oakhill School, with the school's DotA 2 team. The school will be contesting the number one spot in the country at SA Nationals in December 2019.
There is no doubt that any sport that does not implement strong development programmes at school level, and does not enable schools to participate in every level of official championship and league, will eventually fail.

It is Mind Sports South Africa's opinion that only schools that participate in official esports structures prepare their learners for the real world, while those that do not, do their learners no favours in the long-run and only prepare them for disappointment, heartache, and failure.

Only learners that participate in official structures are able to:

  • Earn Regional, Provincial, and/or National Colours,
  • Officially represent South Africa,
  • Earn Protea Colours,
  • Have the chance or winning prize-money for his/her school, and
  • Obtain bursaries to attend institutions of higher learning.

Not only that, but learners who play for a private club may be entered by a school club in an event exclusively for schools should such Registered Player be fully registered at such school as a learner and upon such school’s terms.
School clubs too are able to enter any Premier Provincial and National Championships. In all such Premier Provincial and National Championships, Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), has the provision for aawards for learners should such learners not win any of the Premier awards.
Thus any school team is able to play in MSSA's South African National Championships and contest the titles on offer against all the private clubs. In fact, it is most gratifying to see how many of the National titles are won by learners. Such victories further re-inforce MSSA's belief that te strength of all mind sports begins at schools.

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