Monday 4 July 2016

A blog is at it again .... sigh!

"According to recent information we’ve received, MSSA is currently suspended from SASOC. This means that at the moment they are not recognized by SASCOC, the controlling body of all performance sports of South Africa. According to the National Sports and Recreation Act 110 of 1998, an act often quoted by members of the MSSA, leaves room for debate."

While it is true that there is a so-called suspension which has not been enacted in terms of the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act, you have to  be a member in order to be suspended.

That is a basic rule of law, you cannot suspend an organisation if it does not have some sort of membership.

The rest  of the arguments  that are spewed out  on the blog are spurious, without foundation, and thus not even worth answering.

Readers are advised to read:

It seems as though the blog is desperate attempt to generate hits...

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