Saturday 2 July 2016

Transformation starts at school level

A player from Pretoria Boys in action at MSSA's 2015 S A National Championships
In a recent article in MyGaming, the journalist  in question spoke to Miles Regenass of MSI South Africa.

Apparently Miles stated that,
“Our real issue is that we are not engaging with the up and coming black market. There is this massive group of people who own the newest consoles but spend their time playing select games like FIFA, NBA, Need for Speed and Call of Duty.”

“No one is trying to get them into League of Legends, DOTA 2 or Counterstrike GO – which is why we have events like the Mall Gaming Experience to try and reach as wide an audience as possible.”

While the MSSA would put it a  little differently, it seems as though Miles Regenass and  MSSA are both on the same page in terms  of development.

Mind Sports South  Africa (MSSA) has been plugging away for year to further broaden the base of eSports,  and as such has come under fire by many gamers who do not fully understand the importance of development.

Thus MSSA has an school development  policy in order to promote gaming among all learners.

Not  only that, but 40% of MSSA's national eSports teams currently consist of players from the previously disadvantaged community.

It is truly great to have industry realise the importance of transformation.

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