Friday 11 January 2019

Management Board positions to be elected at MSSA's AGM on 7 December 2019.

Amanda Kwaza (MSSA president) awarding Samson Thinane Protea Colours for Checkers in December 2018.
Even though MSSA has only recently held its elections for its Management Board on 1 December 2018, it is necessary to advertise the positions that will be available at MSSA's 2019 Annual General Meeting.

It has been an ongoing policy for Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) to make this type of early announcement in order to help member clubs and Registered Players prepare themselves.
An interesting aspect of the 2019 Annual General Meeting is that there are 12 positions that are available for election on the Management Board. This means that the majority of the positions are available which could mean that the MSSA may present a very different committee to what it has done in the past.

As everyone already knows, the MSSA is a democratic organisation, where only decisions of the committee that are enforced, and not the will of any one individual.

The 2019 elections may thus prove to be a watershed for all of the disciplines within the MSSA.

All gamers are reminded that only affiliated clubs may nominate players who are registered and fully-paid-up for positions on any of the committee.

Management Board: (3 year terms)
  • Vice-President 
  • Three (3) Executive Officers
  • General Secretary
  • Board Gaming Representative
  • Card Gaming Representative
  • Figure Gaming Representative
  • Womens' Desk
  • National Schools Director
  • Legal Advisor 
  • Disabled Gamer's Representative
If you are interested in standing for any of the top nine positions, you need to be at least 18 years old at the date of nomination, need to be nominated by a member club, and meet  the following criteria::
  1. Have served a full term on the Management Board, or
  2. Have served a full term as Provincial Director, or
  3. Have served two full terms as Regional Director, or
  4. Have served two full terms on a Board of Control, or
  5. Have earned at least ten (10) Protea caps, or
  6. Have served three years on the club committee of which they are currently a member.
Nominations must be submitted by 1 November 2019.

Registered Players who are nominated must be fully-paid-up at the date of nomination and the date of election.

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