Friday 4 January 2019

MSSA's High School DotA 2 Ladder for 2019 is announced.

Oakhill School's 'Team Theory' in action.
Oakhill School not only leads the high schools' Dota 2 esports ladder, but also the high schools' Dota 2 esports rankings as the team has shown excellent skill and dedication to the sport. The school is to  be commended as a whole for its commitment to esports.

Through team-work Oakhill School's 'Team Theory' has done so well that the members of the team were awarded National Federation Colours when they were all selected to become members of the National Squad for the DotA 2 esports period.

There is no doubt that Oakhill School's Esports teams will continue to go from strength-to-strength. 

Only a Registered Player that is ranked in the top ten positions on the ladder, may automatically qualify for National Team Selection. It is therefore vital for any player wishing to be considered for national team selection to actively participate in the Ladder.

The Ladder works on a system of challenges throughout the year in order to give clubs the opportunity to improve their teams/players' playing skills outside of the normal MSSA championships. The Ladder allows teams/players' to experiment with new tactics, combinations, etc.

Registered Players, through the Member Club to which they are affiliated, may challenge any Register Player on the ladder. Any Registered Player so challenged has 5 days within which to respond and play the match. Such rule allows the ladder to retain its dynamic nature and stops the challenged Registered Player from delaying unnecessarily.

However, any 
Registered Player challenged during any official MSSA event while both such Registered Players are participating in such event, and are paired by the umpire to play against each other, must play such challenge. This means that any or all games in a MSSA Regional, Provincial, and/or National Championship may count as ladder games.

The full rules for the ladder may be found here: 
Important changes to MSSA's Inter-Club Ladder rules.

The starting position for the High School ladder for the DotA 2 esports title for 2019 is as follows:

PosName of PlayeryearClub
1Team Theory18Oakhill College
2Bishops Dota 1st team18Bishops College
3Northwood DOTA18Northwood High
5Schoeman18Paul Roos Gimnasium
6PRIDE18Parktown Boys
7Schoeman18Paul Roos
8SJC Eagles18St John's
9Immortal Forces18Hudson Park Primary School
10PR0NHS18Northcliff High School
11Oakhill [Mr Project]17Oakhill College
12Grey High Gaming17Grey High School
13WYSIWYG17Jeppe High School for Boys
14Sacred Heart 117SACRED HEART
15HTS Witbank17HTS Witbank
16MC DOTA17Maritzburg College
17KES I18King Edward VII
18Curro Klerksdorp18Curro Klerksdorp
19e-Squad18Hudson Park Primary School
20Grey High Seconds17Grey High
21Sacred Heart 217SACRED HEART
22EagleTeam18Hudson Park Primary School
23Hoërskool Warmbad18Hoërskool Warmbad

Other Ladders are:

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