Saturday 26 January 2019

Garth Schoeman is co-opted as MSSA's National Team supremo.

Garth Schoeman (left) receiving an award from MSSA President, Amanda Kwaza.
With the massive changes that Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has effected to the way in which MSSA shall select its 2019 National Squad, it was obvious that the structure for enforcing such selection criteria would also have to change.

And change it did!

Instead of the Selectors falling under the jurisdiction of the Discipline Representatives, the Selection Committee now falls under the chairmanship of an Executive Officer. The Discipline Representatives too are no longer automatically appointed as the National Team Manager. Instead, the National Team Managers are now appointed by the Selection Committee and are answerable to such committee.

Thus the position of the Executive Officer in charge of the National Team is a vital one.

MSSA is confident that it has found the right man for the job.

MSSA's Management Board has just co-opted Garth Schoeman as such Executive Officer.

Garth is a long-time member has served MSSA as a past Vice-President (2005 - 2015), has represented South Africa in the Protea Team as an athlete (2007), has umpired numerous MSSA national and provincial championships, has umpired international test matches, and has previously served on the Selection Committee.

Garth's loyalty,  dedication,  and attention to detail will put him in good stead to the arduous role that he will have to perform.

It should, however be noted, that  when the Management Board co-opts an individual, such individual may only serve out the remainder  of the year  leading up to the Annual General Meeting. 

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