Thursday 3 January 2019

Amanda Pakade is elected in for a 3 year term as MSSA President.

Amanda Pakade at TESL's Esports Arena.
Having been co-opted as President in July 2018, Amanda Pakade immediately set out to make a difference in the athlete's lives - just as she does in the lives of all with whom she comes into contact. Amanda's personal hashtag is: #l was born to make an impact. However, having been co-opted, Amanda was always aware that she was there at the will of the Management Board, and was thus aware of the temporary nature of the office. Nevertheless, Amanda threw herself into the commitments. Having represented MSSA at the site inspection for IESF's 10th World Championships, attended IESF's 11th Ordinary General Meeting in Kaohsuing, and oversaw many changes to MSSA's Constitution and Regulations, Amanda proved that she was a hard-worker as well as a formidable committee member who has the vision and ability to lead Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA). Not a single person stood against Amanda for the position of MSSA President at MSSA's Annual General Meeting held on 1 December 2018. Even though MSSA's Constitution allows for members to vote against nominations, every member that voted cast their ballot in favour of Amanda's candidacy.
With the will of the membership now behind her, Amanda has begun her three year term and is determined to effect greater changes that will benefit all athletes. The four areas are:
  • To ensure greater efficacy in regards to national team selection,
  • To improve the inclusivity of MSSA championships,
  • Oversee the award of all colours awarded, and
  • Encourage greater gender equity and representivity.
Already many changes have been made to how the National Team is selected. Amanda has already proven that she is more than capable in providing effective leadership to create sustainable change and improvement. There is no doubt that Amanda is indeed a valuable asset to MSSA, and that MSSA under Amanda's guiding hand will continue to grow and prosper.
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