Tuesday 15 January 2019

School Provincial Colours

Learners at Grey High (Port Elizabeth) participating in MSSA's 2018 Online High Schools' Championships.
What with Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) holding its 9th Online High School Esports Championships on 9 February 2019, a number of educators and learners have queried how learners earn School Provincial Colours.

School Provincial Colours are awarded to:

  • Persons who have been selected by MSSA to represent the Province in which he/she is ordinarily resident in a team, or
  • Persons who have won all games played at a Provincial Championship, or
  • Persons who have played in Nationals and one Provincial School Championships (in the same period) and ended in the top 50% of scholars competing, and/or
  • Persons who have played in at least two official Provincial School Championships (in the same period) and ended in the top 50% of scholars competing.

It should be noted that only Registered Players affiliated to a club affiliated to Mind Sports South Africa may qualify for such colours.
Readers should too note that such colours are awarded to the player based on where such player is ordinarily resident.

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