Wednesday 30 January 2019

Hoërskool Monument Park affiliates to Mind Sports South Africa.

Hoërskool Monument Park is also joining the digital age of esports.
Mind Sports South Aftica (MSSA) is the oldest esports gaming organisation in South Africa, if not the world. Having been founded in 1985, MSSA has lead the field year-after-year.

Through hard work and dedication, it was MSSA that managed to get esports accredited as a sport in South Africa, as far back as 2005.

Since 2005. Protea Colours have been awarded regularly to South Africa's official National Teams, and South Africa has proudly competed in many World Championships and International Test Matches.

School-after-school that also see, and understand the vision, of esports being a fully accredited sport are flocking to affiliate to MSSA.

Monument Park High School is one such school 
Monument Park High School is situated on the Kraaifontein wetlands and believes that excellence in the classroom, on the sports field as well as culturally, are the building blocks for our youth. The  school also believes in teaching on strong religious principles.

Monument Park High School accommodates learning in both Afrikaans and English and its curriculum covers almost every possible subject and subject combination.

Mind Sports South Africa thus welcomes the school into affiliation, and is sure that the mutual partnership will benefit both.

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