Sunday 27 January 2019

Period of Selection for MSSA's 2019 National Squads.

MSSA is on the hunt for Registered Players to officially represent South Africa at eventd like IESF's 11th World Championships.
National Team Trials held as a separate event has now been abolished by Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), and instead selection will take place by examing the results of teams over 3 MSSA championships within a full 12 month period. Such championships may be Regional, Provincial, and/or National  Championships.

Thus Selectors now have more time to interview all the candidates in a more relaxed manner in order to ensure that all athletes are afforded every opportunity, and that the best possible team, affiliated to MSSA, can be selected.

MSSA's Management Board has just approved the period that will be used for selection of Registered Players being, 1 May 2018 to 31 May 2019.

Thus Registered Players who have won Regional Championships, or who have finished in the top 3, or in the top 20%, whichever is greater, played from 1 May 2018 to todays date have already qualified for selection. The rule applis to all disciplines and to all periods/games.

Such events are:

  • 15th FREE STATE Championships
  • Fezile Dabi Regional Championships
  • Capricorn Regional Championships
  • School League 
  • SA School Championships'
  • 24th KWAZULU NATAL Championships
  • Online Championships for StarCraft II, Hearthstone
  • Sedibeng Regional Championships
  • City of Johannesburg Championships
  • 32nd S A NATIONAL Championships

The following events will be held prior to 31 May 2019:
The full rules are as follows:

  1. The National Squad Selection Date for every year shall be announced on MSSA’s annual calendar of events after every Annual General Meeting and shall be at least 30 days before the event.
  2. Selection shall only be held in periods/genres that are currently being played at a MSSA Provincial or National Championships, if such period is played in at least 30% of the Provinces.
  3. To be eligible for selection a player shall;
    i. If being of the age of majority and have received Protea and/or, National Federation, and/or Provincial Colours in the previous year, shall have successfully completed an Umpires’ Course (if such course was held in the province in which such player resides after the date of being awarded such colours), and
    ii. Have been awarded Protea and/or National Federation Colours in the previous year, or
    iii. Have participated in at least 3 MSSA events where such player shall have in at least 2 of these 3 events;
    I.   Have won a Regional Championship in such period/genre, or
    II.  Have finished in the top 20% or top three places, whichever is greater, at any          official Provincial Championships for such period/genre, or
    III. Have finished in the top 20% or top three places, whichever is greater, at the            SA School National Championships for such period/genre.
    IV. Be fully-paid-up members of an affiliated Member, and
    V.  Be ranked in the top ten of the Ladder for such period/genre.

  4. Only players who have participated in MSSA’s SA National Championships and who meet the above criteria as stated in Schedule 12.1.3 (above) shall be considered for selection, unless any of the following apply:
    i. A player is on maternity leave, or
    ii. A player is on paternity leave, or
    iii. A player is on compassionate leave, or
    vi. A player is unable to obtain leave from his/her employer, or
    v. A player has valid financial reasons for not attending (being on holiday and thus not being able to afford to attend, does not count as a valid financial reason), or
    vi. The player is a minor and has not received parental permission to attend, or
    vii. Be in their first year of registration.
  5. Should a player meet the requirements of any of the criteria as stated in Schedule 12.1.3 (as above), such player may still be considered for selection if such player has won, or is part of a team that has won, all of his/her games at a Provincial Championship that has been held in a physical venue.
  6. Players making themselves eligible for selection, shall submit copies of their valid Passports with theirentry to the SA National Championships.
  7. Should entry fees be required, such entry fees shall be paid by the date of entry.
  8. Players, who are minors, making themselves eligible for selection, shall submit copies of their valid Passports and any other documentation as required with their entry to the SA National Championships.

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