Saturday 12 January 2019

Matthias Dhont (Paul Roos Gimnasium) leads the HearthStone rankings.

Hearthstone players at Paul Roos Gimnasium.
HearthStone is becoming more-and-more popular as a competitive esports.
The dominant position is now held by Matthias Dhont (Paul Roos Gimnasium), but has two learners from Grey High School (Geoffrey Tarbuck and Jason Mostert) yapping at his heels. 

Being the top ranked player does  not make life easier, on the contrary, it makes championships harder, as Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) uses a modified Swiss System. In such modified Swiss System, strength is always paired against strength in order to determine the final result.

With the effort that Paul Roos Gimnasium puts into esports, as it does with everything else that it does, it is expected that the school will continue to be a  major player in 2019.

The full rankings list for the schools' HearthStone esports title is:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
1Matthias Dhont18Paul Roos Gimnasium108.8
2Geoffrey Tarbuck18Grey High School108.8
3Jason Mostert18Grey High School108.8
4Junior Moor18Empangeni High School108.8
5Cleveland Crossling18Northcliff High School108.8
6Reagan Marthinus18Paul Roos Gimnasium108.8
7Janke Janse van Vuuren18Paul Roos Gimnasium108.8
8Orlando Crossling18Northcliff High School108.8
9Aaron Mulligan17Maritzburg College104.5
10Kelvin Yang17PR0NHS104.5
11Alexander Westley17Maritzburg College104.5
12Dylan Hanger17PR0NHS104
13Ethan Bulford18Northcliff High School103.5
14Lloyd Little17Maritzburg College90.3
15Kit Rawlings17PR0NHS90.3
16Kevin Plint18Northcliff High School85.8

Other official rankings produced by MSSA are as follows:
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