Tuesday 1 January 2019

How does a school join up for MSSA's 9th Online Inter-School Provincial Championships?

Northcliff High School and Paul Roos Gimnasium back-to-back at MSSA's 2018 National Team Trials.
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) 's shall be holding its 9th Online Inter-School Provincial Championships on 9 February 2018.

There is no doubt that MSSA's Online Inter-School Championships is the fastest growing championships since it was started in 2010.

Who will ever forget the inaugural meeting where Dorian Love (Roedean), Pam Raper (Randburg High), Noelene du Toit (Northcliff High), and Shevon Ronne (St Peters) met with MSSA officials and the then sponsors (ASUS).

It was such meeting at which solid foundations were laid.

Over the years the rules have been tweaked to make the online inter-school championships more-and-more accessible.

The proof is in the pudding as the number of school clubs is growing almost at an exponential rate.

The teams representing schools that helped found the online championships now find themselves under continual attack from new teams from recently affiliated schools that challenge the status quo.

The new schools have no care of the 'Old Guard' and are adept at turning out new talent.

There probably isn't a championship anywhere in the world that is as competitive as MSSA's online inter-school championship.

Even though such championship requires a huge amount of work and dedication, it is easy-as-pie to join.

All a school needs to do is affiliate. To affiliate, the school club needs to have approval from the Principal as the club shall be playing under the school's colours which are the school's intellectual property.

The school club has to pay the annual affiliation fee of R100.00 as well  as the annual registration fee of R6.00 per player per annum.

It is that easy and that cheap.

MSSA expects, based on previous year's figures, that there will be well over 50 schools participating in such championship in 2019.

To affiliate, please e-mail mindsportscorrespondence@gmail.com for the starter-pack.

Don't miss out!

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