Thursday 6 December 2018

MSSA's Elected Office-Bearers for 2019.

Amanda Pakade, MSSA President, handing out medals at MSSA's 35th SA National Championships.
As usual Mind Sport South Africa's Annual General Meeting (AGM) saw elections being held for the various available positions.

All elections are done on a staggered basis. The system of doing the elections on a staggered basis allows MSSA to have a greater degree of stability as the entire Management Board is not able to be elected at any one time which preserves MSSA's continuity and knowledge base.

MSSA has  had a great track-record to date, and being the largest membership based organisation for esports in South Africa, the future looks exceedingly bright.

The new committee under the presidency of Amanda Pakade is looking at not only consolidating its gains to date, but also further increasing its footprint.

Gender equity and demographic representivity are also major concerns that shall be continued to be addressed in a positive and dynamic manner.

Attention shall continue to be directed towards enforcing proper structures for the regulation of coaching and umpiring.

The current elected office-bearers are:

# Position Name Mobile number: E-mail address
1 President Amanda Pakade 079 688 6983
2 Acting Vice-President Johan van Breda 082 469 8207
3 Executive Officer - Development Leonard Loftus 084 204 8775
4 Executive Officer - Events Anabela Joubert 082 906 1119
5 Executive Officer - Umpires Jason Batzofin 0044 78 7937 5926
6 General Secretary Colin Webster 078 069 3089
7 Board Gaming Representative Joseph Matlhong 083 509 7538
8 Card Gaming Representative Paula Loftus 076 339 3780
9 Esports Representative Marisa van der Westhuizen 071 606 6577
10 Wargames Representative Terence Allwright 078 045 7134
11 Womens’ Representative Blair Hamberger 083 326 8982
12 Disabled Gamers’ Representative Twane Tollemache 081 898 9954
13 Players’ Representative Amoné Bekker 066 221 2695
14 Legal Carl Holiday 082 331 1929

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