Thursday 13 December 2018

Paul Roos Gimnasium dominates Schools' Counter-Strike: GO Ladder.

Just some of Paul Roos Gimnasium's esports athletes.
Going into 2019, Paul Roos Gimnasium dominates Mind Sports South Africa's official Ladder for Counter-Strike: GO for schools. The school currently occupies the top three positions, and it will be interesting to see if the school will be able to maintain its hegemony.

In terms of the amendments enacted at MSSA's Annual General Meeting, any team that is ranked in the top ten, automatically qualify for National Team Selection. It is therefore vital for teams to actively participate in the Ladder.

The Ladder works on a system of challenges throughout the year in order to give clubs the opportunity to improve their teams/players' playing skills outside of the normal MSSA championships. The Ladder allows teams/players' to experiment with new tactics, combinations, etc.

Teams through Member Clubs may challenge any club on the ladder. Any club so challenged has 5 days within which to respond and play the match. Such rule allows the ladder to retain its dynamic nature and stops the challenged club from delaying unnecessarily.

However, any 
team challenged during any official MSSA event while both teams are participating in such event, and are paired by the umpire to play against each other, must play such challenge. This means that any or all games in a MSSA Regional, Provincial, and/or National Championship may count as ladder games.

The full rules for the ladder may be found here: 
Important changes to MSSA's Inter-Club Ladder rules.

The ladder for the Counter-Strike: GO
 esports title for schools for 2019 is as follows:

PosName of TeamyearSchool
1PRG B (previously 'Hackstack')18Paul Roos Gimnasium
2PRG A (previously 'Deity')18Paul Roos Gimnasium
3PRG C18Paul Roos Gimnasium
4Bishops CSGO 1ST team18Bishops College
5Hoërskool Lichtenburg18Hoërskool Lichtenburg
6Sample text18Bishops College
7GHS CS:GO 1sts18Grey High School
8Cyrex18Vereeniging Gimnasium
9Soviet UnicornZ18Midstream College
10District_Zero18Protea Heights Academy
11Northwood CSGO18Northwood High
12Westerford High School18Westerford High School
13Semper Fi18Oakhill College
14Choke 918Empangeni High School
15Cedar House17Cedar House
16Cryptid Claws17Hoërskool Wonderboom
17Curro Kld (Qantum)17Curro Klerksdorp
18Limitless17Hoërskool Wonderboom
19Potchefstroom Gimnasium17Potchefstroom Gimnasium
20Pr0NHS & Girls17Northcliff High School
21PRIDE17Parktown Boys
23Spartans B17SAHETI
24The Nerd Herd17Glenwood House
25iBUYCEREALi18Hoërskool Wonderboom
26Monnas B18HS Monument
27AFP17Hoërskool Wonderboom
28Monnas A18HS Monument
29MC CS 117Maritzburg College
30GHS CS:GO 2nds18Grey High School
31RISING SONS18Helpmekaar
32PR0NHS18Northcliff High School
33EHS CSGO18Empangeni High School
34Awoken17Hoërskool Wonderboom
35MHS Esports18Milnerton High School
36Pr0NHS218Northcliff High School
37T.I.O18Oakhill College
38Raptors HTS17HTS Witbank
39SETTING SONS18Helpmekaar
40Tesseract17Jeppe High School for Boys
41Ice Wolves17Hoërskool Wonderboom
42rbcs-go18Richard's Bay Christian School
43MC GO217Maritzburg College
44HTS17HTS Witbank
45GWH CSGO17Glenwood House
46RatedGG18Hoërskool Wonderboom
47Hoërskool Warmbad18Hoërskool Warmbad

Other Ladders are:
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