Monday 3 December 2018

New Athletes' Representative demonstrates great joie de vivre.

Amoné Bekker (Valhalla) is the Athletes' Representative for the period 2018 to 2021.
Not since Amanda (neé Kwaza) Pakade held the position of Athletes Representative (2006 to 2008) has a female held the position of Athetes' Representative.

At Mind Sports South Africa's 32nd South African National Championships, Amoné Bekker (Valhalla)  from Cape Town was elected in as MSSA's Athletes' Representative for the period 2018 to 2021.Amoné first earned her Protea Colours in 2017 when selected to represent South Africa in an online League of Legends test match against Tunisia. In 2018, Amoné was selected for the National Team Squad.

Amoné admits that taking over the position from Jason Batzofin (Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club) is a great honour as Jason Batzofin set a new bar. As most esports athletes will know, Jason is currently serving as the chairman of IESF's Athletes' Commission.

It is no secret that 
Amoné Bekker has aspirations to serving the interests of athletes on such IESF Athletes' Commission. having become MSSA's Athletes' Representative is the fiirst step in this long and arduous journey.

Amoné is convinced that service to South African athletes remains her first priority.

Athletes wishing to contact 
Amoné Bekker may do so via the Facebook group page set up for South Africa's athletes.

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