Friday 21 December 2018

Noelene du Toit (Northcliff High School) is awarded MSSA's National Meritorious Service Award

Noelene du Toit (Northcliff High School) is renown for her commitment, service, and dedication.
Mind Sports South Africa's (MSSA) Meritorious Service Awards may be awarded to any individual who may have rendered TEN years outstanding service to any of  the disciplines of which MSSA is custodian, or in any other special circumstances, on the recommendation of the Executive Committee. In exceptional cases, the award may be awarded to deserving individuals who have done less than 10 years.

MSSA's Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 1 December 2018 thus approved the awarding of this prestigious award to none other than Noelene du Toit.

Noelene du Toit is an educator at Northcliff High School and was responsible for such school to found esports at the school and to affiliate to MSSA in 2009.

Subsequent to the Northcliff High School Esports Club affiliating to MSSA, the club has hosted two Gauteng Provincial Championships, and has been an active participant in MSSA events year-in-year-out.

Not only that, but under Noelene's watch, the school has produced many esports athletes that have been rewarded at Provincial, National, and International level. Under Noelene, Northcliff High School hosted Silviu 'NightEnd' Lazar and Robert 'PandaTank' Botha at the school prior to an exciting test match between the two.

Noelene's commitment, service, and dedication to her learners, and to Northcliff High School, is outstanding, and as such, MSSA could not find a better recipient.

As such, Noelene is the fourth such recipient of the award, and the first female to be awarded MSSA's National Meritorious Service Award.

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