Monday 27 August 2018

Curro Klerksdorp and Oakhill School share the honours in the SA National Squad for the Dota 2 esports title.

The way that Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) now selects its national teams is by first selecting a squad for each title.

Once the squad is selected, athletes within such squad are selected for various terms of duty.

However, it should be noted that the entire squad shall be awarded National Federation Colours, and once the athletes actually are selected for the Protea Team to play against an international opponent, the Protea Colours award shall be made.

The squad consists  of 10 players, being
  • Lourens (LouLou) Kok - Team Captain
  • Christopher (JonkBloed) Coetzee
  • Simon (Dominated) Shearer
  • Ryan (Ryzo) Shearer 
  • James (NinjaLama) Armstrong
  • Richard (maybe) Visser 
  • Mohammed (Rambo) Gabru 
  • Peter (Kryptik) Mansfield 
  • Deven (Disconnected) Gomes 
  • Matthew (Juannym) Brooks
All  ten players are drawn only from two clubs, Both of the clubs are school clubs, which is encouraging in itself as it shows the improving standard of esports at school level.

The two schools from which the learners have been drafted to serve South Africa in the National Protea Esports Team for the DotA 2 esports title are Curro Klerksdorp and Oakhill School.

The esports athletes from Curro Klerksdorp are:
Back: Richard Visser, Matthew Brooks, Peter Mansfield
Front: Mohammed Gabru, Devon Gomes
  • Matthew Brooks:

    Started playing computer games from around the age of 5 years old. Having started with a PlayStation 2 his first taste of competitive gaming started when he was 14 years old, and participated in the North West Championships in which he was placed 3rd overall, and qualified for the National Team Trials. However, only once Curro Klerksdorp placed first at the North West Championships, becoming the number 1 ranked team in the country, did the team venture out to participate in MSSA's 2018  National Team Trials.

    In the future Matthew is desirous to help grow esports in South Africa.

  • Mohammed Gabru:

    Mohammed Gabru was first introduced to the PlayStation 2 (PS2). Having become an avid and enthusiastis esports athlete, Mohammed moved on from console to PC (personal computer) esports.YouTube played a huge part in such progression, and Mohammed believes that PC esports has, and forever will have, changed his life.

  • Devon Gomes:

    Devon Gomes first started gaming at about 5 years old PlayStation 2. Devon then moved into PC esports in 2015. In 2016, devon was part of the Curro Klerksdorp esports team that earned North West Provincial Colours and made his debut at MSSA's National Team Trials. In 2017 the Curro Klerksdorp esports team attended the North West Championships, and although performing well did not earn a re-award of the coveted North West Provincial Colours. In 2018 the Curro Klerksdorp esports team attended the North West Championships, were awarded North West Provincial Colours and were also briefly ranked first in South Africa for DotA 2. We attended the national team trials this year and were not selected for the team.

    Devon believes that the DotA 2 esports title also requires a great deal of dedication and practice - lessons that you can apply to the rest of life.
  • Peter Mansfield:

    Peter Mansfield will admit to all that he is fascinated with computers. Having started gaming on PlayStation 2 with his brothe as a hobby. However, Peter moved to competitive esports when he changed from console gaming to PC esports. Within a year Peter had played 1,000 hours, and had become a dedicated esports athlete. In 2015 Peter earned North West Provincial Colours. Peter admits that he is looking forward to his future in esports, but not at the expense of having fun while doing it.

  • Richard Visser:

    Richard Visser has been gaming for about as long as he can remember, having started playing  every genre of games. However, Richard soon discovered that he had a knack for strategy gaming. As soon as he heard of the esports club at Curro Kleksdorp, Peter admits that he was overjoyed and immediately joined the club. On joining he was advised of the school's policy that learners would have to also participate in a physical sport as well. This was not a problem for Richard as he enjoyed swimming. Although Richard soon earned North West Provincial Colours he was unable to participate at MSSA's National Team Trials as the team  largely consisted of learners in their final year, and who put their studies before esports. Thus Riichard is a firm believer that all  clubs must have development programmes in order to add depth to teams and create greater sustainability.
The esports athletes from Oakhill School are:
Lourens Kok (in the centre) SA's Squad Captain for the DotA 2
esports title.
  • Lourens Kok - Squad Captain:

    Lourens Kok first started playing DotA 2 when he got a laptop for his 15th birthday. Wanting to expand his gaming experience, Lourens discovered the esports title of DotA 2.
    Lourens admits that at first he didn’t completely understand the game and that it took him time, patience and practice to start to understand the deeper strategies that lie within the game.

    Not only does Lourens enjoy the esports title of DotA 2, but too enjoys the social aspect of the game and the leadership qualities which he has developed while participating in the esports title.
  • Ryan Shearer: Ryan Shearer admits that he has a love for strategy games, and on discovering the complex esports title of DotA 2, Ryan soon was completely lost in the mechanics, knowledge, and strategy required. Ryan believes that although some players may be far more mechanically skilled, harmony and solid team-work will always win. Admitting that Lourens Kok is Oakhill School's star player, Ryan enthuses about how the team enjoys each other’s company and hopes to perform well at an international level.
  • James Armstrong:

    James Armstrong started gaming on his father's work computer. This sparked his interest in strategy games which  lead him to the DotA 2 esports title. The immense gameplay depth and advanced strategy proved to be an intoxicating attraction and James dedicated himself to developing his skills in such  esports title. James is determined to improve his DotA 2 skills and work with his team to improve and continue to win.

  • Chris Coetzee:

    Chris Coetzee admits that he has long been interested in technology and games. Having discovered DotA, Chris admits that, at first, he was very lost and confused when he first started. However his general “lostness” was only equalled by his obsession to learn the game inside and out. With the team always thinking of new strategies and combos to display in game, Chris  believes that the team is always capable to adapt, which allows the team to grow and improve.

  • Simon Shearer:

    Simon Shearer admits that he enjoys playing the DotA 2  esports title due to the  mental challenge, competitive community, and the intensity of the game. Having, what some consider,  a 'risky' play style, Simon is a good team member and consistently assists his team to obtain victory. Simon too is adventurous and quick to learn, both qualities that will undoubtably help him in the future.

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