Sunday 12 August 2018

So you want the games you like played at National and Provincial championships?

Gamers in action at MSSA's 2018 National Team Trials (NTT).

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) only hosts up to ten esports game titles a year at MSSA Provincial and National Championships. 

It is at MSSA's Annual General Meeting (AGM) all the member clubs decide on which game titles will be played at the next year's championships.

Obviously the game titles played at IESF's World Championships are automatically chosen. However, if IESF adds a new game title, then the least popular game title, as per MSSA's records, shall immediately be dropped in favour of the new game title as added by IESF. Such popularity of  shall be based on attendance at MSSA events.

To add new game titles, a game title has to be played at any two Regional Events at which there were at least three teams per event.

Thus it is possible to get any game title into MSSA's 
National and Provincial championships. A;l that is required is that member clubs take the initiative and do the work at grass-root level.

Thus popular games like 'Fortnite' could easily make its way into MSSA's National and Provincial championships if MSSA sees that there is a demand for such game.

It is always easy to say that a game is popular, and it it may well be so on a recreational level, but it  it is another thing to see if a game is popular on a competitive level when players have to attend a LAN or commit themselves to a gruelling competitive championship.

So, if you want your favourite game title to be played at MSSA's National and Provincial championships, speak to the club of which you are a member, get the club to host a regional championship, make a nomination, and vote for the gaame title at the AGM.

And doing that, you will make a difference to your life as well as to that of many others.

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