Thursday 9 August 2018

Happy Womans' Day.

Amanda Pakade - MSSA's President.
There is no doubt that Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has made great strides in gender equity.

Out of eighty- five (85) national federations listed on Sport and Recreation's web page, only fifteen (15) federations have a female president.

One of such federation is Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA). However, it does not stop there.

Currently forty-one percent of the Management Board is made up of females, being:
However,  it is every female, mother, wife, girlfriend, and daughter that makes MSSA work.

Without the support, guidance, and efforts of every female, it is unlikely that MSSA would have been able to deliver all that it could have over the years.

Thus Amanda Pakade has stated. "Happy Womans' Day to all the women in MSSA. MSSA appreciate all of you for all your hard work, dedication and for choosing to be part of this organization... You are all remarkablešŸ™.... May you all shine even more, and may God abundantly bless you all".

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