Sunday 26 August 2018

The Barbados World Class Checkers & Draughts Festival

The Barbados Draughts Association and Barbados Checkers and Draughts Federation have won the BID to host the World Three-Move-Restriction World Qualifier this year (2018). Consequently, we endeavor to stage a major event entitled: The Barbados World Class Checkers and Draughts Festival which will attract players from countries around the globe and will comprise the following major components:

  1. The International Three Move Restriction World Qualifier (Men)
  2. The Three Move-Restriction World Championship for Women
  3. The Three Move World Championship for the Youth.
  4. Special Needs Tournament for Youth.
  5. Honouring of Stalwarts and Checker Icons from around the world.
  6. Barbados Vs the Rest of the World Contest
  7. Two (2) (10 x 10) Blitz Pool Tournaments
  8. A - 64square Draughts Tournament – Brazillian Blitz, B – Pool, C - Russian

This festival will take place October 1st to 12th 2018 at Divi Resorts Barbados and other venues across Barbados. We hope to have as its special guest President of the World Checkers and Draughts Federation (WCDF), Richard Beckwith, President of the International Draughts Federation (IDF), Vladimir Langin, President of the FMJD, Janek Maggi, President of the American Federation, Allan Milhone, and President of the Pan American Checkers and Draughts Federation, Clifton Agata, President of the Jamaican Draughts Association, Hugh Hamilton and a representative from Turkmenistan, Hurmagul Toyeva.

This cadre of high caliber officials, their associations and the convergence of diverse checkers and draughts styles being exhibited in Barbados have significant historic and hospitality implications on which we seek to leverage.  One of the highlights of the Festival is to honour a number of accomplished players from around the globe who are considered icons, along with those who have been engaging in the development and promotion of the game, whom we deem stalwarts.

For more information, please go to:

Barbados Draughts Association
President Desmond Maughn
Tel: 246 251-8186
Barbados Checkers and Draughts Federation
President Ronald  "Suki" King
Tel: 246 261-3094 / 236-8557

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