Friday 3 August 2018

The ink did not even dry...

'ZAG Fearless' have issued the challenge.
As soon as Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) posted that the Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club (OEMSC) had taken pole position on the Counter-Strike: GO Ladder, the first challenge made its way into MSSA's mailbox.

The challenge came from ZAG Academy.

According to the rules, the Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club has five (5) working days to respond and play the match. If OEMSC does not play the game within five (5) working days OEMSC shall automatically default and counts as having lost the match.

ZAG Academy has put up its finest female team as the challenging team (ZAG Fearless). The team consists of: 
  • Marisa "Faith" van der Westhuizen
  • Nicole "Nexxy" Rootman
  • Alora Ann "Saphira" Liebenberg
  • Lelane "Lilly" Soldin
  • Tina Marie "Dominatinx" Millar
All five members of 'ZAG Fearless' are currently members of the National Squad.

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