Monday 20 August 2018

Russia vs South Africa

Glorious allies and fierce competitors.
Without doubt, Russia is one of the juggernauts in esports today.

Fortunately South Africa enjoys extremely good relations with the Russian Esports Federation.

With such good relations, it is not surprising that Russia has challenged South Africa to an online test match. Such online test match will be used by both countries to not only test the strength of their teams, but also to battle-harden their teams for IESF's gruelling 10th World Championships to be held in Kaohsuing, Chinese Taipai in November 2018.

South Africa is in a disadvantage in such test match due to latency, but Johan van Breda (National Team Manager) is confident that tthe team will give it their all.

The online test match is to be played on 28 August 2018 in both the Counter-Strike: GO and Tekken 7 esports titles.

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