Thursday 2 August 2018

Four schools take the lead in the Online School Counter-Strike: GO League.

Mind Sports South Africa's Online School Counter-Strike: GO League is well under way.

While MSSAis awaiting the current week's results, four schools have taken the lead in the Counter-Strike: GO esports title.

The top four schools are all on the same points.

It should be remembered that the players of the team that wins all of its games automatically earns High School Provincial Colours. However, players of the team that finish in the top 50% in the Online School League as well as in the top 50% of any other school event, also are awarded High School Provincial Colours.

The top four schools in the Counter-Strike: GO esports title are:

Team Name School
District Zero Protea Heights
Monnas A HS Monument
PRG B Paul Roos
Sample text Bishops College

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