Monday 6 August 2018

Empangeni High School almost makes a clean sweep.

'Team GLC' (Curro Grantleigh) was the only team able to stop Empangeni High School from winning every title.
Mind Sports South Africa's 24th KwaZulu Natal Championships was hosted by Empangeni High School on 4 and 5 July 2018.

The school proved to be both a gracious host as well as a fierce competitor.

Through the dedication and enthusiasm of the Educator in Charge (Frans Cronje) and his willing and able support staff, the school ensured that it had entrants in all the various games played at such MSSA 24th KwaZulu Natal Championships.

Such is the depth of play and numbers committed to the various games, that Empangeni High School was able to win all but one title.

Only Curro Grantleigh was able to snatch a title away from Empangeni High School in the League of Legends esports title. 

The list of all winners at MSSA 24th KwaZulu Natal Championships are as follows:

TitleName of player/teamClubColours awarded
Counterstrike: GOChoke 9Empangeni HighKwaZulu Natal
FIFA '18
Jodie MotalaEmpangeni High
Siyabonga BiyelaEmpangeni High
FIFA '18 (High School)Irfaan SabetEmpangeni High
Hearthstone Junior MoorEmpangeni High KwaZulu Natal
League of Legends Team GLCCurro GrantleighKwaZulu Natal
Rachel FoliEmpangeni High KwaZulu Natal
Amahle MtshaliEmpangeni High KwaZulu Natal
PES 2018Jodie-Ray NelsonEmpangeni High KwaZulu Natal
Street Fighter V
Irfaan SabetEmpangeni High
Unathi NzimandiEmpangeni High
Tekken 7Darnell FynnEmpangeni High KwaZulu Natal
Tekken7 (High School)Jodie-Ray NelsonEmpangeni High

Photographs of the event may be viewed on:

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