Thursday 30 August 2018

After a long struggle...

Alasdair Donaldson in game.

At the online test match against Russia held on 28 August 2018, Sergei Belousov of Russia faced off against South Africa's Alasdair Donaldson in the Tekken 7 esports title.

For such test match Alasdair Donaldson earned his 11th 'cap' for playing in the South African Protea Esports Team. Alasdair Donaldson performed well at IESF's 9th World Championships - Busan where he sailed through the group stages to to finish 13th overall.

However, in the test match, Alasdair not only had to contend with the finest that Russia could pit against South Africa, but also the latency issues that dog South African esports athletes when playing online test matches.

Nevertheless, Alasdair's innate sportsmanship shone through as, despite the issues, he gave it his all.

Although Sergei Belousov (Russia) eventually won the test match, Alasdair made him fight for it all the way.

After the gruelling test match, Alasdair thanked his opponent, and admitted that he had learnt much during the match.

MSSA is confident that Alasdair Donaldson will perform even better at IESF's 10th World Championships - Kaohsuing City.

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