Wednesday 29 August 2018

Global Esports Executive Summit 2018 Registration Opens

GEES - sharing the spirit of esports.

International Esports Federation (IESF) hereby announces the registration for the Global Esports Executive Summit (GEES). This is the 3rd edition of GEES and it is scheduled to take place in Busan, South Korea on 13th to 15th  November 2018. This is the second such consecutive year that GEES shall be held in Busan.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) as a member federation of the world's largest membership based esports body, shall be attending GEES and actively participating in the various discussions.

As the open-gathering for esports stakeholders since 2016, GEES has been the location to share ideas, create synergies, and most of all, to reach a mutual consensus for holistic esports development. Last year, 186 key decision makers from National Esports Federations, Publishers, Developers, Esports Media and others took part in GEES from 46 nations.

GEES this year will be focusing on enhancing dialogues between esports stakeholders, and to openly discuss open issues in esports. The agenda in 2018 include:
  • Esports Governance- publisher and federation perspective of Esports world and how both parties can collaborate for Esports ecosystem development
  • Gaming Disorder – to verify what gaming disorder is and how Esports can support
  • Esports Profit Model – comparison between Esports and game industry and how Esports stakeholders can create sustainable profit model and expand the market
  • Esports Administration – how government and administration can support the growth of esports
This year’s GEES will be introduced with new features of GEES, integrating the Esports Academic Seminar as a parallel program, sharing the latest academic research in the esports industry. Earlier this month IESF has announced its vision of the GlobalEsports R&D Center to support Esports researches through the Academic Research Center (Reference:
Registration for GEES will be conducted via the official website where more information of can also be found (Reference:

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