Thursday 2 August 2018

MSSA President, Amanda Kwaza is off to Chinese Taipei.

Amanda Kwaza is off to do a site inspection for the venue  for IESF's 10th World Championship - Kaohsuing City, Chinese Taipei.
Ever since the Chinese Taipei Esports Association (CTeSA) won the hosting rights to IESF's 10th World Championships, CTeSA has gone all out to ensure that IESF's 10th World Championships will be the best ever.

Already IESF has done an inspection of the venue, and was suittably impressed.

Thus IESF's 10th World Championship is expected to be the greatest Esports World Championship in size and scale in comparison to all former events.

The venue in which the Esports World Championship will be held is none other than the Kaohsiung Arena. The Kaohsiung Arena has previously hosted many other sporting events. 
Kaohsiung Arena

The stadium has the capacity of 15,000 seats, and has the history of holding the 2017 League of Legends Rift Rivals Series in 2017, as well as playing host to the World Games in 2009. 

As part of the preparations for such world championships, CTeSA has now invited the Presidents of all the National Federations, of which Mind Sports South Africa is just one such member, that have successfully completed their first entry to inspect the venue as well as the hotels at which the teams are to be accommodated.

Part of the experience will also be that the presidents of such national federations will be able to experience the incredible TESL (Esports League).

At such event, it is expected that Amanda will also meet the professional esports team 'Flash Wolves'.

Amanda's trip will be of great help to the National Team Manager in planning the team's stay at IESF's 10th World Championships.

However, it is not all pleasure, there is a hectic schedule planned, and Amanda will be thrust into the limelight as she has to deal with all her peers from the rest of the world.

The schedule is as follows:

AUG 4th

IESF member arrive in Taipei

Taipei Airport -> HE TI Hotel Taichung

DAY1 (AUG 5th)




CTESA IESF briefing report

Taichung Con (ESPORTS League)


DAY2 (AUG 6th)




Flash Wolves

Kaohsiung arena


DAY3 (AUG 7th)

IESF member leave Taipei

Kaohsiung (High speed train)->Taipei Airport

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