Wednesday 1 August 2018

How clubs offer to host.

Hoerskool Parys' League of  Legends team that earned their National High School Colours on 28 July 2018.
On 21 July 2018 Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) invited all members to comment on the draft Calendar of Events for 2019.

Of course a number of member clubs have submitted their views, all of which are being collated and will be discussed by MSSA's Management Committee and the Board Gaming, Card Gaming, Esports and Wargames Boards of Control.

However, it is important to know how MSSA decides where each championship is held.

Regional Championships:

Regional Championships may be hosted by any member club. Even a club based in a different region may host a Regional Championship in an entirely different region should MSSA's Management Committee approve. Such was the case when the Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club hosted the eThekwini Regional Championship at the Durban Gaming Expo earlier in July 2018. 

The rules for hosting an official Regional Championship may be found here.

Provincial Championships:

Provincial Championships rotate among the member clubs within any such province. Thus only clubs within KwaZulu Natal may host the KwaZulu Natal Provincial Championships. Through actively pursuing this policy, provincial championships are held in various centres which allows clubs to grow their support base and obtain media coverage. Thus, as an example, the KwaZulu Natal Championships in 2018 is being hosted by Empangeni High School on 4 and 5 August 2018.

National Championships:

National Championships rotate among all member clubs based within South Africa.

As such the prestigious SA National Championships may be held in any city in South Africa. While some gamers may consider such to be inconvenient, it must be remembered that hosting the SA National Championships or the SA Schools' National Championships gives a huge boost to the host club. Such boost to the host club may be felt for many years afterwards in terms of increased membership, particippation and media ccoverage.

However, to host any Regional, Provincial, and/or National Championship, the applicant member club must submit its application to host to the General Secretary by 1 November 2018.

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