Monday 13 August 2018

Johan van Breda to speak at the eSport Africa & Sports Innovation Summit.

Johan van Breda (Vice-President of Mind Sports South Africa) shall be speaking at the eSport Africa & Sports Innovation Summit scheduled to take place 13-14 August 2018, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The conference programme is deliberately structured around themes that, on a practical and smart level, address not only the challenges faced by the industry, but also identifies the opportunities for growth and revenue generation, presenting executives working in sport with real solutions and strategies
Benefits of attending.
Introducing and implementing lean business structures - challenging traditional business models and modernising governance structures.
  • Commercialising the digital opportunity.
  • Competing with the big boys - how-to for smaller sporting codes.
  • Understanding the value of sport as entertainment.
  • Media strategies in a digital age.
  • Fresh marketing ideas to connect with consumer passions.
  • Maximising fan engagement.
  • The evolution of sponsorship.
  • Technologies and innovations to grow sport businesses.
  • The esports and fantasy sports commercial opportunity for traditional sport. 
  • The changing face of mass participation.
  • Maximising the success of sporting events. 
  • The challenges of doping and match fixing.
Who is attending.
  • Decision-makers and leaders in Sports and Business including:
  • Sport Federations
  • Clubs and Governing Bodies,
  • Universities,
  • Broadcasters,
  • Government,
  • Corporate Sponsors,
  • Sports Businesses

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