Thursday 7 July 2016

Would SA football clubs buy into eSports?

Are our gamers  ready?

So far we have  seen Besiktas, Schalke 04, Valencia,  Manchester City, and  Sporting Lisbon expand into the exciting realm of eSports.

The reasons for them  to do so. Not only can the football clubs consolidate their brands into eSports (further enhancing their marketability and reach), but it allows the clubs to become dominant in other national federations, and possibly even influence another sporting code (IeSF) that may soon become a member  of the IOC.

In short it is a 'land-grab' where virgin eSports territory can be picked up for a song!

But would it happen here in South  Africa?

The  short  answer is  that it could very easily happen in South  Africa.

However, because of the underdevelopment of the eSports clubs, there would be a huge learning curve as a culture of greater professionalism would be enforced.

The changes would be quite dramatic within the South African arena, and would lead to a more dynamic environment which  would in turn create greater opportunities for many cyber-athletes.

The pros to such  a development would be:
  • The new clubs would all participate in official MSSA events. The football clubs all understand the importance of official structures and would participate in them. Not only that, but the 20 odd events a year, as offered by MSSA, would allow the clubs to advance their own branding on a regular basis, and
  • There would be greater press coverage, and
  • Cyber-athletes would be contracted to play professionally for the clubs, and
  • eSports would gain  even greater  accreditation, and
  • A greater code  of  conduct would be enforced.
The cons to such  a development would be:

  • Cyber-athletes  would have to behave in a far manner, and
  • For some cyber-athletes, eSports would  become nothing more than work.
Thus, there is much to think about before we see the likes  of Kaiser Chiefs, Ajax CT, and others entering the eSports terrain.

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  1. It can be advantages to both sides of the coin. Rugby and Cricket Players can also get involved to increase their creative, concentration and mental capacity levels and strengthen their emotional intellectual skills.
    They already play games for relaxation.