Thursday 19 September 2019

Another position opens up on MSSA's Board.

Leonard Loftus has served MSSA as a Management Board member, Umpire, and as a National Team Manager for Board Games.
Serving on Mind Sports South Africa's Management Board is not for the faint-hearted.

There are times when really tough decisions have to be taken, times when you have to stand up and be counted, times when you know that it is the right decision, albeit not a popular one.

Even bearing all the above in mind, the work is done gleefully by a core of volunteers who seek no reward other than seeing the various disciplines and games grow, and watch the athletes attain their full potential.

So, from-time-to-time, people get elected onto the Management Board who are unable to complete their tour of duty, for whatever reason, and drop by the wayside.

When this happens, MSSA's Management Board is empowered to co-opt a person onto the Board. However, when a person is so co-opted, such person may only serve inn the period from co-option until the General Meeting held every December.

In such way, the Management Board is unable to weigh itself with 'friends', which, may in the long-run, be detrimental to the sustainability and good governance of MSSA.

Thus it was on 17 September 2019 that Leonard Loftus resigned from MSSA's Management Board due to not having enough time to dedicate to the task at hand.

Leonard Loftus too lauded the help that he had received from other Board members.

However, Leonard's departure from MSSA's Management Board means that another Executive Officer post becomes available for election at MSSA's Annual General Meeting in December 2019.

Thus positions available on MSSA's Management Board are now:

  1. Vice-President
  2. Three Executive Officers 
  3. General Secretary
  4. Disabled Gamers' Representative
  5. Legal Advisor (only a qualified lawyer may hold this position)
  6. National Schools' Director (only an Educator may hold this position)
  7. Disabled Gamers’ Representative
  8. Womens’ Representative (only a female may hold this position)
  9. Wargames Representative
  10. Card Gaming Representative
  11. Board Gaming Representative
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