Friday 27 September 2019

Elections for the Confederation of African Esports.

Who will be elected onto the Confederation of African Esports' Executive Committee. Will Egypt and South Africa still dominate the Committee, or will, other member federations make a grab?
All member federations of the Confederation of African Esports (CAES) have been informed of the impending elections.

It is expected that Egypt, Tunisia, Namibia, and South Africa (through Mind Sports South Africa - MSSA) will all be making a bid to get its candidates onto the Executive Committee.

CAES playes an important role in assisting national federations become accredited by their own governments, which in turn, allows  them to become full members of International Esports Federation.

It was through such membership of CAES that the Namibian Esports Association (NeSA) was able to gain recognition on all levels.

CAES also does a great deal of work in liaising with organisations like ANOCA, as well as organising officially recognised test matches.

If a so-called 'test match' and it is not an International Esports Federation and/or Confederation of African Esports (CAES) accredited event, it is not an official event.

All positions held on CAES are held on a staggered basis. The reason to do such is to protect CAES.

However, for the first time, it just so happens that the entire Executive Committee will have to be elected.

The positions up for election are:
  1. A President   (3 years)
  2. A 1st Vice-President  (2 years)
  3. General Secretary, who will oversee the CAES’s finances (1 year)
  4. 1st  Board Member (3 years)
    2nd Board Member  (2 years)
    3rd Board Member (1 year)
Only members paid up at the date of the General Meetinng shall  be able to vote, and that only members who are paid up at the date of nomination are eligible to nominate candidates.

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